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What is CSBank Online?
  • CSBank Online is Citizens State Bank’s internet banking product. Log on from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you have internet access.

What can I do?

  • View account history
  • View check images
  • Make transfers between accounts
  • Obtain account balance information on checking, savings, CDs, IRAs, and loans

What types of transactions can I make?

  • Schedule transactions between accounts for a specific date
  • Transfer funds between accounts to occur on the same day
  • Make Citizens State Bank loan payments
  • Advance funds from your Citizens State Bank home equity line of credit

How do I sign up?

How much does it cost?

  • CSBank Online is free of charge if used at least once every 180 days.  After the 180th day of inactivity the account will be deactivated from the Internet Banking system.  A $10.00 fee will be assessed to reenroll in the system.

What are the system requirements?

  • CSBank Online requires a secure browser and internet connection. The most recent version of Internet Explorer or Netscape is recommended.

What if I forget my Access ID or passcode?

  • Call or visit one of our internet banking representatives for assistance. Locations

What can I do to make the process more secure?

  • Do not include any personal or easily identifiable information in your passcode
  • Protect your Access ID and passcode
  • If you feel the security of your passcode has been compromised, change the passcode immediately
  • Never walk away from your computer with your account information on the screen
  • Log out of CSBank Online as soon as you finish your banking activities


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